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Seattle, Washington


Capturing a moment in time, is one of the best emotions. I love seeing something thru the lens and holding it near you as long as you can. I like for that image to be caught by surprise. A pure emotion. That to me is usually the most interesting. Anyways.... Photography is my medium. I do enjoy photographing those "Funny Animals" I see along the way........Laughter gets you thru a lot of hard times...I appreciate you taking the time to see what I see.....

As you might have noticed I have never written a biography about myself for over 2 years. I figured I had better write one now. I'm definitely not going to write my "BIO" in the third person, so that I sound more important than I really am. Should I warn you that I have "run on" sentences for days? I've often thought about just leaving that "COMING SOON" line under my picture, and calling it a day. I could list all my experiences, what kind of camera I "have", which ones I "use" to have, the cameras I have that are broken, the ones I have fixed, and blah, blah, blah. Does anyone care that at one time I took some awful pictures on that C11O camera, and got "silk screen" finishes on my double set of "old school" 3x5 prints? Do you care that I loved "Fuji Film" back in the day? Do you really need to know that at the ripe age of 12.... I saved and bought myself a Hasselblad camera? Or that I love Leica cameras, (and don't own one anymore?)

All that being said, obviously I love NATURE. I love birds, I ended up learning to love these "COONIES" and it was not by choice.. IT's LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! You photograph what you see, not always what you love.
I appreciate you coming by and voting, and liking, and clicking all those buttons for me. I like trying to comment on YOUR images, but my hands can't take typing for hours on end. I love to vote in all the contests, and clicking as many buttons as I can on your images, and favoring them too.
I always think about putting a new portrait under my name. But, I notice when other's change their pictures, I never know if it is the same person. I realize I get used to seeing a face, and when it is changed, well let's just say, I'm never sure if it is the same person.
Ok, that's it "thee" short story, or biography of my life for FAA.
Thanks for stopping by my gallery, and I hope to get to yours soon...
Keeping on CLICKING.....


Ladybug Likes Pumpkin Warts by Kym Backland


Together Always Pumpkins by Kym Backland


Jack Smiles Forever by Kym Backland


Just Born Bambi by Kym Backland


Young Fawn in The Grass by Kym Backland


Tree Elbows Me by Kym Backland


Let me In there by Kym Backland


Fast Fun Ride At Sunset by Kym Backland


Ferris Wheels Go Round by Kym Backland


Kayaker at Night it is a delight by Kym Backland


Human Roulette Wheel by Kym Backland


Ripe For The Picking by Kym Backland


Purple Pink Dahlia by Kym Backland


Ripe For The Picking by Kym Backland


Las Vegas Motor Speed Way by Kym Backland


The Rose Theatre by Kym Backland


Eitel Building In Seattle by Kym Backland


I Can See Canada From Here by Kym Backland


She Siestas In The Sun by Kym Backland


I Should Pick That Apple by Kym Backland


Chick Chopper Cowboy Boots by Kym Backland


Horse Tack and Reins by Kym Backland


Conveyer Belt Sushi Bar by Kym Backland


Flower Fairies At The Fair by Kym Backland


Autumn Leaves Times Two by Kym Backland


Harvest Squash by Kym Backland


Space Needle Entertainment by Kym Backland


Orange Leaves Of Fall by Kym Backland


Get Your Hamburger and Fries by Kym Backland


Hello Frog Goodbye Kitty by Kym Backland


Chip Off The Old Rocks by Kym Backland


Inside A Red Chinese Lantern by Kym Backland


Red Lion Starts To Dance by Kym Backland


Little Boy Leads Lion Dancers by Kym Backland


Lion Dance Drum Mak Fai by Kym Backland


Say What? Red Lion Talking by Kym Backland


Shells of Swirling Pinks by Kym Backland


Crows in the Sunflowers by Kym Backland


Festival Lion Head In Yellow by Kym Backland


Pink Gorilla With His Ladies by Kym Backland


Colorful Tubes Of Color by Kym Backland


She Had Dreams of Zebras by Kym Backland


It Fell Right Down Here by Kym Backland


The Missing by Kym Backland


He Fell Asleep Sitting Up by Kym Backland


Old Log Gets New Life by Kym Backland


Alfred Hitchcock Bullie Pose by Kym Backland


Eagle Gets Hawk 4 Dinner by Kym Backland