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Seattle, Washington


Capturing a moment in time, is one of the best emotions. I love seeing something thru the lens and holding it near you as long as you can. I like for that image to be caught by surprise. A pure emotion. That to me is usually the most interesting. Anyways.... Photography is my medium. I do enjoy photographing those "Funny Animals" I see along the way........Laughter gets you thru a lot of hard times...I appreciate you taking the time to see what I see.....

As you might have noticed I have never written a biography about myself for over 2 years. I figured I had better write one now. I'm definitely not going to write my "BIO" in the third person, so that I sound more important than I really am. Should I warn you that I have "run on" sentences for days? I've often thought about just leaving that "COMING SOON" line under my picture, and calling it a day. I could list all my experiences, what kind of camera I "have", which ones I "use" to have, the cameras I have that are broken, the ones I have fixed, and blah, blah, blah. Does anyone care that at one time I took some awful pictures on that C11O camera, and got "silk screen" finishes on my double set of "old school" 3x5 prints? Do you care that I loved "Fuji Film" back in the day? Do you really need to know that at the ripe age of 12.... I saved and bought myself a Hasselblad camera? Or that I love Leica cameras, (and don't own one anymore?)

All that being said, obviously I love NATURE. I love birds, I ended up learning to love these "COONIES" and it was not by choice.. IT's LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! You photograph what you see, not always what you love.
I appreciate you coming by and voting, and liking, and clicking all those buttons for me. I like trying to comment on YOUR images, but my hands can't take typing for hours on end. I love to vote in all the contests, and clicking as many buttons as I can on your images, and favoring them too.
I always think about putting a new portrait under my name. But, I notice when other's change their pictures, I never know if it is the same person. I realize I get used to seeing a face, and when it is changed, well let's just say, I'm never sure if it is the same person.
Ok, that's it "thee" short story, or biography of my life for FAA.
Thanks for stopping by my gallery, and I hope to get to yours soon...
Keeping on CLICKING.....


That water is cold and good by Kym Backland


I can play the harmonica too by Kym Backland


Orange Flower Yellow Light by Kym Backland


Stop for Skull Mural Graffiti by Kym Backland


Mural Wall Art in Seattle by Kym Backland


I can feel it right here by Kym Backland


This is a nice spot to sleep by Kym Backland


Got busted for eating that rose by Kym Backland


I am going as fast as I can by Kym Backland


What are you doing here by Kym Backland


That is my head on my body by Kym Backland


You said STOP by Kym Backland


This standing up is hard Mom by Kym Backland


One Legged Chickadee by Kym Backland


Am I cleared for take off by Kym Backland


EYE am getting very sleepy by Kym Backland


I had to give this tree a hug by Kym Backland


So I put my left foot in first by Kym Backland


I am standing up straight by Kym Backland


Are you mad about the stump by Kym Backland


Is this the way you pray by Kym Backland


But That Rose Was so Tasty by Kym Backland


Mommy is here time to run by Kym Backland


Not the crosswalk again by Kym Backland


Patriotic Ferris Wheel by Kym Backland


Blue Wheel Of Fortune by Kym Backland


Pick A Color ANY COLOR by Kym Backland


Layers Of Blue Mountains by Kym Backland


Purple Heart In a Wheel by Kym Backland


Pigeons Follow Clouds by Kym Backland


Heart Like A Wheel by Kym Backland


Chickadee Makes A Heart by Kym Backland


Purple Mountains Majesty by Kym Backland


Mount Rainier Has Skis by Kym Backland


Closed Mountain No Way by Kym Backland


Seattle Skyline Sunny Day by Kym Backland


Nice Wheel Captain by Kym Backland


Reflection of a calm harbor by Kym Backland


The Adventuress Cruise by Kym Backland


Spring Time Skiing At Crystal by Kym Backland


To Each His Own by Kym Backland


Crystal Mountain Bluest Sky by Kym Backland


Steller's Jay Sunbathing by Kym Backland


Push Off Before Take Off by Kym Backland


Cooper's Hawk Dines Here by Kym Backland


I'm Looking at you by Kym Backland


Broken Ear But Still Cute by Kym Backland


Please Dont Eat The Daisy by Kym Backland